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Learn How PC OptiClean can Clean Up Your PC

After you install PC OptiClean…

The scan starts automatically

After you install, you will notice a scan start automatically. No changes will be made at this time. PC OptiClean is merely analyzing the health of your computer.

  • Registry Entries
  • Temporary Registry Values
  • Temporary Internet Files
  • Visited Pages
  • Logs of Conversations in Skype, Yahoo and more
  • Junk Files
  • Invalid Shortcuts
  • Performance and Optimization settings
  • Programs Loaded at Startup
  • Security Issues

Review the Report

After the scan has finished, you will have the opportunity to review the scan results. PC OptiClean will display an in depth report in which you can review and decide what you would like to repair. Simply click "more info" next to each section to see individual results.

Fix Now

Simply click the "Fix Now" button to to repair issues, clean up, and optimize your PC!