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Easy Way to Fix Blue Screen of Death

DIY tips on how to fix blue screen of death James Hardy, a freelance photographer has just returned to his office from a long day of shooting at a client's fashion show. He wants to download the images from his camera to his laptop so he can edit them according to his client's specifications and submit them on time. James plugs in his camera to his laptop via the camera's USB cable but suddenly a blue screen of death appears on his laptop's screen to his shock. A message that says "Windows has been shut down to prevent any damage to this computer" pops in his screen instantly. He is angered and anxious about the high likelihood of data loss as a result of this unforeseen turn of events. He has no idea how to fix a blue screen of death.

What is a blue screen of death? This is whereby faulty hardware or software intereferes with Window's kernel system causing the operating system to hit the STOP ERROR. This means that Windows shuts down by force in order to prevent possible damage to the operating system. When this situation occurs, the computer screen instant turns blue and all programs running in the back ground shut down immediately. Some of the causes of the blue screen of death are installing faulty hardware to the computer, installing corrupted software updates from untrusted online sources, virus attack, Installing corrupted software and failure to update Windows and other software regularly. Here are proven methods on how to fix blue screen of deaths as well as minimizing their occurrences for computer users.

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