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How To Speed Up Your PC

It may be time to change your old PC, but it is better if you make it last for a while longer as opposed to spending cash on a new one. You can extend the lifespan of an old PC by following these simple steps. Here is how to speed up your PC.

Remove Bad Software

There are more likely than not different programs running out of sight of your PC without your insight or consent. They could be spying on your online activities. These programs, known as malware, include spyware, trojans, rootkits, and different types of awful software. PCs normally have anti-virus programs that can protect your computer against certain forms of viruses. Unfortunately, malware goes beyond infections and, for this reason, even the most seemingly harmless website could be stacking spyware on your PC. You cannot prevent the vast majority of malware from infecting your computer, but you can remove them free of charge.

Clean Out the Junk

Well-built PCs do not become slow because of age but because of excessive files stored in their system. Cleaning out these junk files is important if the computer is to work perfectly again. Temporary files should also not be in the computer’s system because they cause it to slow down as well. To clean house, use the Disk Cleanup feature in Windows, which clears temporary documents, downloaded projects, setup logs, and the Recycle Bin. It also does away with numerous unused records so that they consume little space. Your PC will start working correctly. Hit the Start Menu on your PC and then click on Programs. Move to Accessories and then check under System Tools for Disk Cleanup. You will find it is there.

Uninstall Unused Programs

You may have collected programs on your PC that you do not use anymore. These programs become an integral part of your computer even when they are not in use. They will make it slower because they consume space hogging some of the critical functions of the computer. Do not keep such programs if you are not using them especially if you have the original installation software with you. You should remove the program and then install it when you need it if you have the software. Doing so will increase the speed of your PC drastically.

Reduce Visual Effects for Better Performance

Windows gives you fascinating visual effects including fading menus and animated windows. These effects can slow down your computer if you do not have enough working memory. Modifying them or decreasing their number can have a profound impact on the speed of your PC. To accelerate this speed remove or disable visual effects that do not play a pivotal role in the core use of the computer.

Reinstall the Operating System and Programs

You should consider the most drastic step of all in the event that you have done all the above steps and your PC does not turn out to be more responsive. You should reinstall your computer from scratch. First, you should save all the information contained in it. Then you should uninstall all the programs and finally, install the new operating system. Keep the system free of junk, bad software and unused programs.

Now you know how to speed up your PC. Use this information wisely and share it with your friends so that you and your network of loved ones get the fastest PCs ever.

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